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10 Instagram Accounts for Boss Ladies

Posted on 21 April 2017

The times when women's solel roles were to give birth to children and take care of the house are long gone. Today we live the age of the boss ladies! Women and girls from all over the world have understood that they can do everything a man can and that being strong doesn't come in contradiction with being feminine.


Being a boss lady doesn't mean being the CEO of a top 100 Forbes Company, it means being the CEO of your life, not needing permission from your father, husband or society to follow your dreams and do the things that make you genuinely happy, even though those things may be in contradiction with the traditional feminine model.


Although boss ladies exude confidence, determination and power, they still are humans and some days they need a little push to keep going. Maybe they need motivation, inspiration or just a group of like-minded girls to support and understand them. Thanks to a great invention called social networks you can have all that and more at the touch of your fingertips. Used wisely, Instagram can become a valuable tool for any girl boss.


Here are (in random order) the top 10 Instagram accounts for female empowerment you should have started following... yesterday!


1. @girlboss


The name says it all! This account posts pictures of motivational quotes, swanky girls photos with inspiring stories, but also funny memes and hosts giveaways. Its just the context you need when you want to feel the powerful-women vibes filling the air!



O postare distribuită de Girlboss® (@girlboss) pe


2. @refinery29


As they say it, the people at Refinery29 aim to ”create a world in which women feel, see and claim their power”. Their feed is filled with inspiration quotes by memorable women, stories of successful women in different fields, topped with funny posts women can relate to.



3. @girlsbuildingempires


Great name and great content, too! Empowering quotes on gorgeous images that deserve a spot in your instagram home feed.



4. @empoweringwomennow


This account focuses more on relationships, romantic and platonic. Filled with valuable advice, Empowering Women Now teaches the importance of self develop, having high standards for oneself, but also for the ones around her, as well as not being scared to be alone.


She keeps her circle small and only lets those she trusts know about her business. #empoweringwomennow

O postare distribuită de Empowering Women Now (@empoweringwomennow) pe



Take a peek into the life of Emily Weiss, a self-made boss lady. She is the founder and CEO of the successful beauty brand, Glossier, and an inspiration to us all.


For @violetgrey ✨ link in bio

O postare distribuită de Emily Weiss (@emilywweiss) pe

6. @womensmarch


With over half a million followers, the @womensmarch Instagram account represents a movement that can no longer be ignored. Women's March fights for equality and inclusiveness, for the right of women in general, but also for the right of black, brown or trans women, dwelling into sensitive topics of today's world. We strongly recommend you to check it out.


7. @huffpostwomen


HuffPost Women's gallery showcases an entertaining mix of laugh-provoking memes and thought-provoking quotations by praiseworthy women. Follow button: tapped!


😂😂😂😂 (via @bustle // @menotgivingafuck)

O postare distribuită de HuffPost Women (@huffpostwomen) pe



8. @makerswomen


I'll only tell you this: this account focuses on serious issues like the wage gap between male and female employees and let it talk for itself: ”A storytelling platform for the trailblazing women of today and tomorrow.




9. @sophiaamoruso


What? You don't know who Sophia Amoruso is? Shame on you! Joking, but seriously Sophia is actually the one who coined the term "girl boss" with her book titled that way. She is a stylish businesswomen, founder of the online store Nasty Gal and author with an aww-worthy life. Oh and yeah Forbes named her one of the richest self-made women in the world. A modern Super Woman!


Deez nuts 🌴@casamalca 📷 @galenpehrson

O postare distribuită de Sophia Amoruso (@sophiaamoruso) pe



10. @femalecollective


The Female Collectiv's feed really made us proud of the fact that we are women! Their mission is to ”celebrate, empower, uplift, & support women” and they are doing a fine job. Kudos to them!


🙋🏻🙋🏼🙋🏽🙋🏾🙋🏿 ( via @lafemmecollective )

O postare distribuită de FEMALE COLLECTIVE (@femalecollective) pe

Which one is your favourite?

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