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Do You Know Your Birthstone?

Posted on 02 June 2017

Did you know that the month you were born in influences not only your personality and zodiac sign, but also the jewellery you should be wearing?

Traditionally, birthstones are twelve gems that accompany a birth month, each having its unique meaning and power. It is believed that birthstones date back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

Today, we use a list created by the American National Association of Jewellers (now called Jewellers of America) in 1912 to identify our birthstone.

So next time when you're searching for a gift for that special someone, you should consider giving them their birthstone as it's a precious gift with personal significance.

So now, let's get down to business and find out which gem corresponds to which month:



The birthstone of January is garnet, which is thought to keep the wearer safe during travel. Also, the garnet, from the fiery orange Mandarin Garnet to the rich green Tsavorite Garnet, is considered a great gift as it symbolises friendship and trust.

Green Garnet



The birthstone of February is amethyst, the stone that is said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage. Ancient Greeks believed that the stone protected the wearer from alcohol intoxication and, during Medieval times, only royalty could wear the amethyst.



The March birthstone is aquamarine that has long been a symbol of youth, health and hope. It is thought that it cures the heart, liver, and stomach diseases of the one who drinks the water in which the gem had been soaked. 




This month's birthstone is the diamond, which was once thought to bring courage. Today, the diamond is commonly associated with love which makes it the perfect gift for a precious one.



The May birthstone, the emerald has has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. Emerald is the rarest gemstone and was one of Cleopatra’s favourite gems.





June claims two birthstone: the pearl, a symbol of purity, and the alexandrite which is extremely rare and desirable since it changes colour based on the lighting.


Pearl ring


July's birthstone, the ruby, was believed to protect its wearer from evil and represents love, health and wisdom. Ruby is considered the king of gems as it is the most valuable gemstone.


Ruby earrings



Peridot, the birthstone of August, symbolises strength and power. August has a second birthstone, the spinel which is available in an array of colours and is believed to protect the owner from harm and soothe away sadness. 





This month's birthstone, the sapphire, was once thought to guard against evil and poisoning. In the Middle Ages the gem was believed to protect those close to you from harm and also represented loyalty and trust.



October claims two birthstones: the opal, which symbolises faithfulness and confidence, and the tourmaline, which is available in a rainbow of brilliant colours.





November birthdays are associated with two gems: citrine and topaz. The topaz  symbolises love and affection while citrine is believed to be a healing gemstone.


Topaz and Tanzanite


December claims  three gemstones: zircon, tanzanite and turquoise. Each of these gemstones comes in a fascinating shade of blue, making it a perfect birthstone for the snowy, cold December days. The turquoise is regarded as a love charm. 


So what's your birthstone?

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