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The Meaning of the Eternity Ring

Posted on 10 August 2017

There is proof that shows us that eternity rings have been around since ancient Egypt. Husbands used to gift their wives rings as a sign of their love. These ancient rings were shaped as a serpent that was eating its own tail and represented nature's endless cycle of life and love.


The Eternity ring

Nowadays, these rings come in different shapes and designs, less extravagant, but their significance remains the same: eternal love, loyalty and commitment. That is why, eternity rings are usually gifted at weddings or relationship anniversaries.

Eternity ring

The eternity ring can we worn on any finger of the two hands, but many women choose to wear it on the forth finger, next to the engagement ring and wedding band, as a sign of their commitment to their loved one. If you too wish to wear such a trio, you must be careful that all of the rings are made from the same metal for a harmonious final look.

Another significance the eternity rings bears is that of loyalty, so it can also be gifted as a sign of endless friendship. But if that is the case, the ring not having any romantic meaning, specialists advise you to not wear it on the forth finger, which is traditionally reserved for the wedding band.


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