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Trend Alert: Pink Craze

Posted on 28 April 2017

As the days get warmer, we feel the need to wear more colour and so should you! It's a proven fact than when you wear bright, optimistic colours your mood gets better and you smile more often. It's like they say ”only positive vibes!” 

The trendiest colour of the season is pink! No, it's not a Barbie colour and trust me, anybody can wear it! This is the best part about pink, it comes in so many gorgeous shades that it is impossible not to find one that looks good on you. People with fair skin should opt for baby or pale pink, while brunettes should go for fuchsia or magenta. Also, pink is appropriate in (almost) every situation: you can wear it at school, in the gym, but also at the most extravagant wedding party.



Trend alert: Pink craze! Blog by House of Treasure



And if words are not good enough for you just take a look at this stylish, inspiring look created by Anyasdesign on Polyvore. Yes, pink can look extremely sophisticated so just give it a try! 

When it comes to styling this colour, you should mix it with similar shades like red and orange. It's a daring move, but don't be surprised when you find yourself on the list of best dressed girls! If bold looks aren't your thing, don't worry, pink looks just as good paired with neutrals like black, white and grey.

As for accessories, which add that personal touch to outfits, we recommend you to choose bright coloured pieces in opposite shades like blue and green. The effect will be head turning and we warn you: don't be surprised when other girls start copying your style!

What's your favourite way to wear this colour?


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