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Wedding Jewellery Trends in 2017

Posted on 13 July 2017

Summer, the season of endless sunny days, vacations and... weddings! If you are one of the lucky ladies who ties the knot this year, we know you have a lot of things you need to take care of. We won't be telling you how to pick a venue or a band, but we are gonna give you some hints in the one department we are the best at: jewellery!

Choosing accessories for the wedding day

So let's see what are the jewellery trends of 2017 and which one should you choose based on your personality:


Statement earrings

General trends apply to the wedding scene as well, so if you are a fashionista and like to keep up with the trends, then you should definitely try wearing a pair of eye catching earrings. Our breathtaking Singularity earrings are perfect for this occasion!

Singurity Earrings



Cocktail rings 

We've seen this trend at Oscar de la Renta and Jim Hjelm. If your dress has a lot of surface interest, like dimensional lace or ornate embroidery, this trend is perfect for you! The cocktail ring, like our Venus Red, will emphasise the dress without overdoing it.

Wedding jewellery trends.


The chocker

If your have a nice neck and shoulders and your dress is strapless or has a plunging neckline, then wearing a chocker or a short necklace at the base of your neck, is the winning bet for you! The Forget-me-not necklace with its delicate, sparkling flowers is perfect for your unforgettable day.

Wedding jewellery trends.


Delicate jewellery

If you like to dress in a classic or understated manner, the right choice for you is dainty accessories, which are subtle, but make a lasting impression. We think the Muse earrings and the Duality earrings are perfect for your style and personality!

Wedding jewellery trends.

Wedding jewellery trends.

So there your have it, the major jewellery trends when it comes to weddings in 2017.

When it comes to colour, the majority of brides likes to choose white accessories. They will help you obtain a put-together look that exudes a classical elegance. At the same time if you have a bubbly personality and like to stand out in a crowd or if you have always been ahead of trends, we encourage you to choose ruby-coloured accessories. The contrast between your skin, your dress and your saturated coloured jewellery will mesmerise your guests and the groom, of course! 

In the end, it is not about trends and stylists' advices, it is about staying true to your tastes and personality. Only wear the things that make you, not only look good, but also feel good about yourself!


About the author: Bianca has always been passionate about writing and all things beautiful so she graduated from Journalism and founded her beauty and fashion blog, The Rhythm of Heels, which you can check out at therhythmofheels.wordpress.com. You can follow her on Facebook here and Instagram here.


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