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Principles of Jewellery Curation

The jewellery curation process

Curation is not simply the act of collecting disparate items and sloppily putting them together. It entails many specialized tasks that are usually best executed by experienced curation experts. At House of Treasure, we strive to bring you the very best by following 6 curation principles that are deeply engrained in our brand culture:


1. Curation means selection.

We’ll always choose quality over quantity. To bring you the most exquisite pieces, we won’t have more than 50 products in our shop at a time.


2. Curation means context.

We’ll tell you the stories behind out products so you know can find the pieces that resonate with your story and personality.


3. Curation means arrangement.

We’ll arrange exquisite jewellery items into collections to inspire you on how to combine them, how to mix current trends with our pieces and your unique personality.


4. Curation means organization of the whole.

We’ll make sure that even though we limit our product catalogue to the best 50 items, you will find enough diversity in our styles to match your taste and personality.


5. Curation means expertise.

You don’t need to know anything about jewellery to be assured that you are choosing quality and taste. Our jewellery experts only bring you the best.


6. Curation means updating.

As seasons pass and tastes mature, we’ll update our jewellery catalog with new items.

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